FAQs Regarding the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

You can review your existing Medicare coverage during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, or AEP, to ensure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to. Medicare is a complex topic, but we’ve included some of the most frequently asked inquiries concerning AEP for you below.

Annual Enrollment FAQs

Please define the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

AEP, commonly referred to as the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Annual Enrollment Period, is a yearly window of time during which Medicare beneficiaries can assess and modify their current coverage. Medicare plans frequently change, so it might be helpful to check your options each year to make sure you’re still getting the advantages you should be receiving. However, making adjustments during this time is not required.

When is the AEP and what is the tenure? 

Every year, the AEP lasts from October 15 until December 7.

How can I sign up for a Medicare plan during the annual enrollment period for Medicare?

By contacting us during AEP, you can sign up for a Medicare plan. We can quickly compare the Medicare options offered to you by some of the most reputable insurance providers. You may better anticipate your needs and prepare for your call by using this checklist.


What modifications are permitted during the annual enrollment period for Medicare?

The Medicare beneficiaries can:


  • Change to a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C) from Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B).


  • Switching between different Medicare Advantage plans.


  • To get more complete coverage, enroll in a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan or change Prescription Drug plans (Medicare Part D).


  • If you didn’t sign up for a prescription drug plan when you initially became eligible for Medicare, do so now.


Your modifications will become effective on January 1 of the following year if made during the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Annual Enrollment Period.


What distinguishes Medicare Advantage from Original Medicare?

An alternative to Original Medicare is offered by Medicare Advantage plans, usually referred to as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage plans, which are provided by for-profit health insurers with Medicare approval, are obligated by law to provide at least the same benefits as Original Medicare, while they frequently include cover extras like vision, dental, prescription medicines, and wellness initiatives.


Does the Annual Enrollment Period require me to make changes to my existing Medicare coverage?


Although you are not required to make changes during AEP, Medicare plans frequently change, so it might be helpful to review your options every year to make sure you are still getting the features you need at a price that suits your budget.

Outside of AEP, am I allowed to modify my Medicare plan?

For the most part, there are often few opportunities to join plans outside of the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Annual Enrollment Period. However, when you can modify and add to your plans varies depending on your specific circumstances. Find out more information regarding the various enrollment periods.

How significant is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

AEP is significant because Medicare plan specifics can vary every year. It is therefore a good idea to examine your alternatives each fall to ensure that your health and prescription drug needs are covered for the upcoming year. Even if you’re satisfied with your present Medicare plan, evaluating it during AEP could help you make sure you’re not overpaying or skipping any additional services, like dental, hearing, vision, or prescription medication coverage.

Is there an auto-renewal option?

You don’t need to take any action during AEP as long as your current plan is still offered if you’re already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and don’t want to alter your coverage for the future year. If your plan is not renewed before the enrollment period, you should be notified.

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If you have any additional inquiries about Medicare, our FAQ page may have the solution. When it comes to AEP, we can help you by shopping some of the most reputable insurance companies on your behalf, saving you the time and stress of negotiating the complexity of Medicare. We can quickly compare plans to discover one that works for you. There is no requirement to sign up.

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