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Medicare Part C

Understanding Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C: What is it?

Original Medicare, which consists of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, is supplemented by Medicare Part C. Medicare Part C plans, commonly known as Medicare Advantage plans, are supplied by commercial sector health insurance providers authorized by Medicare. These insurance firms are obligated by law to provide at least the same benefits as those offered by Original Medicare, but they also have the option of providing additional coverage.


  • Prescription drug coverage may be offered with a Medicare Part C Plan.
  • It’s possible to get extra benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Who qualifies for Medicare Part C coverage?

Upon satisfaction of the following requirements, any Medicare recipient, regardless of age, may purchase a Medicare Part C plan:

  • Must be enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B – Some consumers are under the impression that if they enroll in a Medicare Part C plan, they can cancel their Part B coverage. When signing up for Medicare Part C, it is crucial to keep both Parts A and B because if you remove Part B, you would instantly lose your Part C plan.
  • Must select a Plan in the County Where You Live – Based on the address that Social Security has on file for you, you may be eligible for Medicare Part C coverage. You must select a plan that is active in the county where you currently reside. Some programs may cover the entire state, while others may only apply to one or two counties.

Medicare Part C – Costs

Medicare Part C is an alternative to Original Medicare, as we explained earlier. As a result, a Medicare Part C plan offers the same hospital and physician benefits as Original Medicare. You will, however, be responsible for paying the Medicare Part C plan copays rather than deductibles and 20% of your medical expenses.

Each Medicare Part C plan offers a summary of benefits, which will identify different medical procedures and give you a breakdown of what your copayment or coinsurance will be for each service. A lab test might cost $15, a typical specialist visit costs $75, and an MRI $200, for instance. A few things can have a $0 copay, but your out-of-pocket maximum is increased by the amount you pay for Part A and B services. Once you’ve paid your maximum, the remainder of the year’s Part C coverage will be paid in full by your Plan C.

Medicare Part C plans also frequently come with an integrated Medicare Part D medication coverage, which is an additional benefit.

Medicare Part C – Costs

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