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Medicare Employer Health Coverage 

You must make choices about your health insurance if you are over 65 (or will be turning 65 soon) and still working. Contrary to popular belief, enrolling in a Medicare plan doesn’t require you to give up your employer-provided health insurance. However, depending on the length of your employment, there may be changes. You can continue on your employer’s plan, and your employer is required to let you do so.

In order to focus on what you need; we may assist you in navigating the process complications. No commitment is necessary to sign up.

How does Medicare go along with health insurance from your employer?

If you’re employed and want to preserve your group health coverage, you may be able to put off signing up for Original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B without incurring a penalty. How your Medicare benefits interact with your employment coverage depends on the size of the business you work for.

  • Large Companies with Twenty or More Employees: If you choose to enroll, your Medicare benefits will be secondary to your employer group coverage as your primary insurance. Since Part A has no premiums, if you’ve worked for at least ten years and have group coverage, it is typically chosen by active employees. Delaying Part A and Part B coverage will still have no effect when you turn 65 years of age as you will automatically be entitled.


  • Companies with Less than 20 Employees: If you are employed by a small business, Medicare will take the place of your employer’s insurance. Your employer’s insurance will still cover you, but it will no longer be your primary coverage. It is advised that you sign up for both Part A and Part B as soon as you are first eligible for Medicare, even if you have small employment group coverage.

Regardless of the size of your organization, it’s critical to discuss your options for using your medical coverage with your benefits administrator. To ensure you’re getting the finest coverage, we can assist you manage the complexities of your benefits. There is no requirement to sign up.

Additional Points and Medicare Details to Bear in Mind

  • Timing is Crucial – You can sign up for Part A at any time after becoming first eligible for Medicare if you are qualified for premium-free Part A. Your Part A coverage will begin no earlier than the first month you are eligible and extend back six months from the date of enrollment. If you aren’t qualified for premium-free Part A and you don’t purchase it when you become qualified, you can be penalized.


  • Double Down – When it comes to filling up coverage gaps, keeping your employer-provided insurance and adding Medicare can be beneficial. Just keep in mind that after Medicare becomes your primary insurance, all claims must go via Medicare before any employer-sponsored plan can be used for unpaid expenses.


Call the Medicare Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC) at 888-977-1399 to inform Medicare if you have any changes to your insurance or additional coverage. 


  • Is Registration Automatic? – If you currently receive Railroad Retirement or Social Security payments, you will be enrolled in Medicare on the first day of the month you turn 65. Additionally, if you have been receiving disability payments for 24 months or started receiving them after receiving an ALS diagnosis, you will be automatically enrolled. If none of the aforementioned situations apply, you must register online or in person.
  • Always Compare – Spend some time comparing the price of your employer-provided insurance to the cost of switching to Medicare as your primary insurance provider. You can determine which coverage is the most cost-effective by conducting research. Additionally, it might assist you in avoiding any late enrollment fees for Medicare.


  • Ask Questions – It’s advisable to seek the advice of an expert when choosing your health insurance, particularly if you’re employed and approaching 65. It’s crucial to start the conversation with the benefits administrator at work, and it would be ideal if you could do so before you turn 65. Additionally, you should schedule an appointment at your neighborhood Medicare office or contact the specialists on the Medicare helpline at 888-977-1399.

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