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Medicare Recipients' Access to Vision Coverage

Is vision care covered by Medicare?

No and yes. It depends on the service you require, to put it simply. In general, normal vision care like standard yearly eye exams, eyeglasses, or contacts is not covered by Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B).


Nevertheless, Medicare Part A does cover vision care when an inpatient hospital stay is necessary, and Medicare Part B often pays for outpatient care, doctor visits, and the cost of medical supplies. Part B provides some coverage for the following, but not complete coverage:

  • Eye Exams for Patients with Diabetes – Covers Annual Exam for Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Glaucoma Tests – Covers yearly checkup if you’re judged high-risk (i.e., you have diabetes, a history of glaucoma in your family, are African-American and age 50 or older, or Hispanic and age 65 or older).
  • Age-related macular degeneration is covered by the Macular Degeneration Tests and therapies section, which also includes certain injectable medication therapies.


  • When an intraocular lens implant is performed during cataract surgery, the corrective lenses following the procedure are covered. This includes one pair of glasses or contacts.


You will be responsible for paying 20% of the expenditures in addition to the Part B deductible since Part B only covers 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for medical services, prescription medicines, and corrective lenses. A copay is also necessary for treatments received in an outpatient environment.

Additional Methods of Paying for Medicare Vision Coverage

Several choices can help pay a portion of the cost of your vision treatment if you qualify for Medicare. The first choice is to get extra vision insurance. A Medicare Advantage plan, which is an alternative to Original Medicare and could offer vision coverage, is the second choice.

Independent Vision Insurance

A supplementary vision plan can help pay for eye tests and defray the cost of prescription glasses, contact lenses, and vision correction treatments for seniors with Medicare Part B and reasonably healthy eyes. We at DreamHealth can assist you in determining whether a supplementary vision plan is the best option for you.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans) – A Medicare Advantage plan, a different kind of government-approved insurance program for seniors and other qualified people, is an alternative to Original Medicare. These privately-run health plans frequently include supplementary vision benefits like eye tests and glasses that are not included in Original Medicare. In fact, some plans come with these advantages and have premiums of $0. Please be aware that not every state offers every plan, so be careful to research the options in your area.

Take the Best Care of Your Eyes

An impaired capacity to undertake daily life tasks is linked to vision impairment. Depression is more likely to develop as a result, and there is a strong likelihood that vision loss in later life will have a significant impact on your quality of life.


By the age of 65, one in three persons have an eye condition that impairs vision. Age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy are the most frequent causes of visual loss among seniors. You owe it to yourself to look for coverage that might help defray these possible costs as vision care for certain disorders can be expensive.


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