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Medicare Coverage for Diabetes

Does Medicare pay for diabetes-related medical expenses?

In a nutshell, sure. Millions of Americans suffer from diabetes, which affects many Medicare seniors. The following are some significant details concerning Medicare and what it covers:

  • Original Medicare (Medicare Part B) is available to the majority of individuals at $164.90/month (2023 – price), but you must first meet a $226 deductible (2023 pricing) in order to receive Part B benefits. To cover costs above and beyond what Original Medicare provides, you can additionally add prescription coverage (Medicare Part D) and a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan (Medigap).
  • Medicare Advantage Plans: For one monthly fee, or sometimes for no monthly cost, these plans provide the same Medicare diabetes coverage as Part B and many of the plans also provide pharmaceutical benefits.
  • Important: For Medicare to pay for your diabetic treatments or supplies, you must be registered in Medicare Part B. You must register in both Medicare Parts A and B if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, so as long as you continue to pay your Part B monthly fee, you should be covered.


How each of these choices handles the treatment of diabetics:

  • Both Original Medicare Part B (medical coverage) and a Medicare Advantage plan, if you have either, will often pay for the necessary treatments, screenings, and tests as well as a significant portion of the essential supplies used in diabetic care.
  • Oral and injectable drugs, such as insulin, as well as the diabetic supplies required to self-administer these prescriptions are often covered in greater part if you have Medicare Part D (prescription coverage) or a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription benefits.



  • People with end-stage renal (kidney) failure are not eligible for the Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Either Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan must be chosen.
  • You cannot pick both a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan and a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Coverage for Outpatient Services for Diabetics

As long as they are prescribed by a doctor who participates in Medicare, the following diabetic services and products are covered by your Medicare Part B benefits. Be aware that while the same services and supplies are available if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, your level of Medicare diabetes coverage may differ.

Screenings and tests:

If you have qualifying risk factors including high blood pressure, dyslipidemia (history of abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels), obesity (with certain conditions), high blood sugar, or impaired glucose tolerance, they are often covered at 100% of the cost.

  • Certain diabetic blood screenings
  • Annual eye exam for diabetic retinopathy
  • Annual glaucoma screening
  • Diabetic screening
  • Diabetes self-management training (DSMT)
  • Hemoglobin A1c testing
  • Annual glaucoma screening
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Foot exam (6-month intervals) for diabetic peripheral neuropathy


Diabetes Supplies:

Depending on whether you need insulin as part of your diabetes treatment, they are often reimbursed at a rate of 80%.

  • Blood glucose monitors (with a prescription from a doctor)
  • Lancets, lancet devices, diabetes test strips, and other self-testing tools.
  • Shoes and insoles for therapeutic use (based on specific ailments)
  • External insulin pumps and supplies, including insulin, that are required by medicine



Those who take insulin to treat their diabetes may be eligible for up to 300 test strips and 300 lancets every three months. Each three months, recipients of the benefit who do not take insulin may be eligible to receive up to 100 test strips and 100 lancets. You can obtain extra testing supplies if your doctor certifies that they are medically required.

Needs for Diabetes Prescription Drugs

As long as they are prescribed by a doctor who participates in Medicare, self-administered diabetic medications are covered by your Medicare Part D coverage. The same treatments and supplies are covered if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, but the level of coverage for Medicare diabetics will vary depending on the plan you select.

You have coverage for:

  • A variety of oral diabetic medicines (often at 80%).
  • Insulin*
  • Diabetes medications
  • Syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, gauze, and inhaled insulin devices are among the diabetes supplies.

A pharmaceutical will often be classified as a Tier 5 specialty drug if its retail price is $600 or more. Although Part D pays the greater percentage, you may still be responsible for a sizeable portion of the cost as your coinsurance for these prescriptions is often 25% or more.

How can you pay for diabetes-related expenditures that Medicare does not cover?

After your annual Medicare Part B deductible is met, you are liable for 20% of the cost of many of your diabetes services, medications, and supplies if you have Original Medicare Part B and Part D.

Knowing this, many Original Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes opt to add one of the standardized Medigap insurance plans, often known as Medigap plans, which are denoted in most states by the letters A through N. In addition to the monthly premium you pay for Part B, Medigap plans include a separate monthly cost.

These private insurance policies, which are offered for sale, can assist in covering part of the copayments, coinsurance, and/or deductibles associated with medical care that Original Medicare does not. Some plans also offer coverage for medical expenses incurred when travelling outside of the US.

Notably, there are variations in the manner that Medigap insurance are standardized in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Consult the private insurer offering the Medicare Supplement plans you’re thinking about, or your state’s Medicare office.

Special Needs Plans under Medicare Advantage

Insurance providers provide Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans in several regions of the nation for diabetics. SNPs, a form of Medicare Advantage plan, only allow those with certain chronic or debilitating diseases to enrol. Diabetes-specific Medicare Advantage SNPs will offer complete diabetic treatment.

This care is specially designed to address the requirements of diabetic patients and may offer more benefits, a wider range of providers, or a more extensive selection of medications. Additionally, it could include comprehensive care management, which might involve a care coordinator and/or a team of clinicians collaborating to give you the best treatment possible.

A built-in Part D drug plan is included with every Special Needs Plan. To discover if the necessary prescriptions are covered, see the formulary for the plan. SNPs also have a special feature that enables anyone with qualifying health issues to sign up in the middle of the year. As a result, even if it’s not the yearly election season, you can join if you have a qualifying condition.

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