Policy for Online Privacy at DreamHealthQuotes 

Your personal information is safe with DreamhealthQuotes Insurance Services, as well as its associated, affiliated, and subsidiary businesses (collectively “DreamhealthQuotes,” “us,” or “we”). This Online Privacy Policy (this “Privacy Policy”) describes how DreamhealthQuotes uses and safeguards the personal data that it obtains from you (the client) online.

1. Understanding and Consent

This privacy statement applies to your use of the websites www.DreamhealthQuotes.com. this website as well as any other website that posts this statement (the “Website” or the “Site”). It also governs your use of any interactive features, widgets, applications, content, or downloads that we make available through the Website and that post this statement (collectively referred to herein as the “Services”).

Unless explicitly stated below, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the data we collect offline, such as during phone contacts you may have with DreamhealthQuotes staff or agents, or in any other situation not related to our Services. Our claims under this privacy statement only apply to data that we directly collect through the Services; they do not apply to data that we may receive from third parties through links to our website or other services that they may use.

These additional conditions shall govern such data collection and use to the extent that we give you notice on this Site of different or additional privacy policies or practices (e.g., at the point of our collection).

You voluntarily accept the terms and conditions of the current Privacy Policy by using the Services and/or sending questions through the Services.

2. Modifications to This Privacy Statement

We reserve the right, at any time, to add to, update, delete from, or otherwise change our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is subject to modification at any moment and at our sole discretion. On this website, we may display or post notices about changes to the privacy policy. These modifications to the Privacy Policy take effect right away after being uploaded.

If we make any changes that you find unacceptable, please discontinue using our services right away. You confirm that you consent to the modifications by using our Services going forward. You should consult this privacy statement frequently to stay informed of the most recent rights and obligations as laid out in your agreement with us.

3. What Data are We Gathering?


3.1 Information That You Give Us

Unless you choose to voluntarily give it to us, such as through the “Get Your Free Quote”, we do not gather “Personal Information” about you through the Services. Your phone number, biometric data (such as your height and weight), name, address, email address, Social Security Number, birthdate, and specific medical or health data are all examples of what we mean when we refer to personal information.

When you provide information on the “Get Your Free Quote”, we may also collect demographic information, such as details about your gender and age (“Demographic Information”).

Do not submit any information and do not continue if you come across a screen or page that asks for information you do not want to share with us.

If you do give us personal information, we will use it to calculate a term life insurance policy, get a quote, or for the other purposes specified on the page where the information is requested. We will not license, transmit, or disclose this information to third parties unless you specifically authorize us to do so, unless it is necessary for our contractors or agents to perform services for us, unless it is necessary to deliver our product. (4) It is disclosed to companies that carry out marketing services on our behalf or to other companies with whom we have joint marketing agreements, (5) It is disclosed to insurance companies so that we can get a quote for insurance on your behalf or put you in touch with insurers who offer products in your area that you might be interested in, or (6) It is disclosed in any other way that is required or permitted by applicable law. The data you voluntarily give us may also be used to enhance the information on this site and in our services, or it may be used to get in touch with you for promotional purposes.

3.2 Information About You That Others Give Us

We may occasionally add outside records from third parties, like credit reports or driving records, to the information we collect directly from you on our Services for a variety of reasons, including underwriting an insurance application, to improve our ability to serve you, to tailor our content to you, and to present opportunities that may be of interest to you. If we combine information from such sources with the Personal Information you provide to us on the Service, it will be treated as Personal Information and, unless we have said otherwise, we will apply this Privacy Policy to that combined information.

3.3 Data We Gather from Your Use of the Services

We and our third-party service providers may use a number of technologies to store or collect certain information whenever you visit or interact with the Services (“Usage Information”) in addition to any Personal Information or other information that you choose to submit to us (as stated above). Whenever you visit or interact with our Services, this Usage Information may be kept or accessed via a number of technologies that may be downloaded to your personal computer, browser, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or other device (a “Device”). We will treat your Usage Information as your Personal Information to the degree that it is linked to the Personal Information that we directly get from you through the Services.

Usage details could consist of:

  1. Your IP address, UDID, or other special identification (sometimes known as a “Device Identifier”). Our systems recognize your Device by its Device Identifier, which is a number that is automatically assigned to your Device when you use it to access the Services;
  2. the functionality of your device (including details about the hardware, operating system, browser, and mobile network);
  3. the website that led you to use our services;
  4. the parts of our Services that you visit and use, including any actions you carry out there and the storage of your information and preferences;
  5. where your device is;
  6. Explore the features of your Device; and
  7. a few other Device data, such as the time of day and other details.

3.4 Details Gathered Using Tracking Technologies

A. Tracking technologies that We Use

We may employ a number of tracking technologies, including but not limited to cookies, web beacons, embedded scripts, browser fingerprinting, GPS, iBeacons, and ETags (collectively “Tracking Technologies”), to automatically gather Usage Information and Demographic Information. The settings or configurations on your Device may be set, altered, changed, or modified by tracking technologies.

When you visit our site, a data file known as a cookie (or “locally shared object”) is downloaded to your computer or other device. You may be able to reject or erase cookies from your computer using your browser or other software (such as Adobe Flash), but doing so may prevent our Services from functioning correctly and prevent us from remembering your preferences the next time you visit. Additionally, we gather and preserve data on how our Services are used in web server logs. We may also gather additional data from your mobile device when you use the Services from a mobile device, such as a smartphone, including your location, Device Identifier, and details about your mobile network.

B. Why Tracking Technologies Are Used

We may make use of tracking technologies for a number of things, such as:

     i. When Providing the Services Is Strictly Necessary

To enable you to use and access the Services, we may utilize tracking technologies that we deem strictly necessary, such as cookies needed to combat fraud and enhance security.

     ii. To Evaluate Performance

As part of our analytical procedures or in other ways to enhance the information or services made available through the Services, we may make use of Tracking Technologies that are helpful to evaluate the effectiveness of the Services.

     iii. To Enhance Functionality

When you access the Services, we may use tracking technologies to provide you with better functionality. For example, we may recognize you when you visit this site or keep track of your preferences for how this site’s content is presented.

     iv. Delivering Useful Content

Depending on how you engage with the Services, we may use Tracking Technologies to offer content that is pertinent to your interests on the Services and on external websites. This includes utilizing tracking technologies to determine how valuable the content that has been sent to you has been for you.

C. Decisions Regarding Tracking Technologies and Consent

By providing you with clear information in this Privacy Policy and giving you the option to disable cookies as described above, we gain your permission to our collection of Usage Information and Demographic Information through the use of Tracking Technologies. Please be aware that the strictly essential Tracking Technologies mentioned above may be used by us without requesting your permission.

In order for your consent to be meaningfully informed, we are providing you with comprehensive notice of the Tracking Technologies and your limited options regarding them.

D. Tracking by Third Parties

Other Tracking Technologies may be created and used by us in connection with the Services in the future. In addition, third parties may employ tracking technologies in connection with the services, which may involve gathering data about your online activities over time and across different websites or online services operated by third parties. These Tracking Technologies may not be under our control, and we are not liable for them. However, you agree that using the Services may expose you to third-party tracking technologies and that the terms of this privacy statement do not apply to the tracking technologies or business practices of such third parties.

E. Do Not Track Options

Some web browsers can be set up to notify websites you visit about “Do Not Track” signals. California residents have a right to know how We handle “Do Not Track” browser settings, according to California Business & Professions Code Section 22575(b).

Participants in the industry are divided on what “Do Not Track” in this situation actually entails at this time. Since many websites and online businesses do not change their practices when they get a “Do Not Track” signal from a visitor’s browser, neither do our businesses. To learn more about “Do Not Track,” go to allaboutdnt.com.

F. Turning Off the Tracking Features

Most commercial browsers come with tools that can be used to disable or delete regular cookies, and some but not all of them can be banned by changing particular settings. We make use of Google’s tracking and advertising services. The Google advertising opt-out website is a good place to start if you want to learn more about how Google uses cookies.

You will need to set up each browser individually, and various browsers have different capability and settings for this. Additionally, these tools might not work well with HTML5 or Flash cookies or other tracking technologies. Visit Adobe’s website at adobe.com for details on how to disable Flash cookies.

Please be aware that certain of our Services may not function properly if you disable or remove these technologies, and that your browser’s settings and restrictions may limit your ability to limit browser-based Tracking Technologies when you visit this Site again.

4. How will we use the Data that has been Gathered?

In accordance with this privacy statement, we may use the personal information, demographic data, and/or usage data we have collected about you for the following reasons:

  • to provide you with information or services that you have requested or authorized, as well as to market to you on our or third parties’ behalf;
  • to get you in touch with insurance firms whose services you might be interested in, or to get an insurance quote (or Medicaid premium quote) on your behalf;
  • to act in accordance with a lawful request from a law enforcement agency, a court order, or a legal claim;
  • to let you take part in a number of features offered by the Services;
  • to respond to a request made through the Services, including confirming the validity and accuracy of your information;
  • to enhance our services’ usability, to personalize your online experience, or to deliver content that is especially pertinent to you;
  • to get in touch with you on how you use the Services and, if we see fit, any modifications to the Services and/or their policies;
  • for personal, internal corporate use; and
  • for other reasons specified in this Privacy Policy or at the time you disclose your information to us.

4.1 To create services, offer assistance, and enhance security

We might carry out research and develop our services using your Personal Information, Demographic Information, and/or Usage Information. In rare circumstances, we might conduct research along with dependable outside parties.

To look into, address, and resolve complaints and security issues, we may use Personal Information, Demographic Information, and/or Usage Information (which includes messages you send to us). Such data may be used by us to look into any our Terms of Use in addition to this policy. 

4.2 To Encourage Communications

To make it easier for us to communicate with you, we might use your personal information to do things like email, phone, or mobile. To further discuss any request for an insurance quote you may have made, we may get in touch with you by phone. If there are any problems with our services’ security or other aspects, we might send you messages about them. We might also contact you with information concerning insurance policy quotations or Medicaid plan premiums, network updates, reminders, or instructions on how to utilize the Services. Despite the fact that you are always free to modify your communication settings, you are still obligated to receive service communications from us, such as security and legal notices.

4.3 Advertising (and location-based services) provision

In addition, we may use the Personal Information, Demographic Information, or Usage Information we have about you to: (1) deliver relevant ads or content to you based on how you use our Services; (2) assess the usefulness of the ads or content we have delivered to you; and (3) enhance the functionality of this site, such as by enabling comments or the addition of content to the Services.

5. Information Sharing with Third Parties

Non-Personal Information, including compiled user statistics, may be disclosed to third parties. We might divulge information about you and your actions to third parties along with your Device Identifiers. We don’t provide third parties access to the personal information you give us when you use a website like “Get Your Free Quote,” “Subscribe to SelectNews,” “Term Life Insurance Calculator” or a similar one for their direct marketing needs. We might provide third parties access to the Personal Information you give us on our “Subscribe to SelectNews” page so they can use it for direct marketing.

If we anonymize information about you, we do not treat it as Personal Information and are free to share it with others. Additionally, as stated when you provided your information, as indicated below, or in another manner in this Privacy Policy, we may share the information we have gathered about you, including Personal Information. As described below, we may also divulge information to third parties.

5.1 Your Personal Information Won’t be Sold to Outside Parties

When You Ask a Third Party for Information or Give Information to a Third Party Through our Services, you could have the choice of requesting some information from third parties, having us send certain information to third parties, or allowing them access to it. Additionally, our website may contain connections to other websites.

Your Personal Information and other information may be disclosed to such third parties if you so choose, and any information you disclose will be subject to the privacy rules and practices of the third party.

In addition, when you interact with third parties’ Tracking Technologies, content, tools, apps, or adverts on our Services, they may retain, collect, or otherwise have access to your information. You acknowledge that you are subject to the practices and policies of such third parties regarding Tracking Technology by using those third-party technologies.

You should evaluate any third-party privacy policies and practices before obtaining information from them or otherwise interacting with them because we are not liable for their privacy policies and practices.

5.2 When Outside Parties Perform Services on Our Behalf

The hosting of this Site, creating and/or administering the features of the Services, monitoring usage statistics for the Services, and other administrative tasks may be handled by third-party suppliers under our direction.

To enable these vendors to carry out their tasks for you or for us, we might provide them access to your information. In addition to setting and accessing their own Tracking Technologies on your Device, third-party analytics and other service providers may also gather or have access to information about you, possibly including your Personal Information. These third-party technologies and any activity resulting from them are not our responsibility. We are not accountable for the performance or adherence to any third party’s opt-out options. 

5.3 To Protect DreamhealthQuote’s and Others’ Rights

We may additionally share your information if we, in good faith, believe that doing so is necessary or reasonable, to the fullest extent authorized by applicable law:

(i) To uphold this Policy, our Terms of Use, and other relevant agreements and policies, as well as to defend the rights, safety, or property of DreamhealthQuotes or third parties;

(ii) To fulfill legal and regulatory requirements (e.g., in response to requests from law enforcement, subpoenas, or court orders).

We may choose to make or not make such disclosures, as well as to contest or not challenge requests for such disclosures, without providing you with any notice, to the fullest extent authorized by applicable law.

5.4 In the Case of a Business Transfer

We reserve the right to transfer and disclose all such data:

(i) To a new owner, co-owner, or operator of this website or the relevant database; or

(ii) In the course of any due diligence procedure in connection with a merger, consolidation, restructuring, sale of nearly all of our interests and/or assets, or other corporate change.

Your data may still be used by any company that purchases us or a portion of our business, but only in the ways specified in this privacy statement, unless you consent to anything else.

6. Links to Third-Party Sites and Third-Party Content

The Services may include material provided by other parties, and when you use the Services, these third parties may gather usage information, demographic information, and your device identifier. Additionally, you can be sent to other services when using the Services that are run and managed by independent third parties that we do not control.

They may follow you across many websites and may share the findings of such tracking with us and/or others. We are not liable for the data collection and privacy policies used by any of these third parties or their services.

For instance, if you “click” on a link, you can be sent away from this website and to another one. These other websites could connect you to their Tracking Technologies, independently gather information about you, including Personal Information, and they could or might not have their own publicly available privacy rules.‎‎

The Services may also provide third-party applications. You may be asked to provide Personal Information, Demographic Information, Usage Information, and/or Other Data by the owners of these applications (“Third-Party Owners”), who may also have their own policies and procedures. We disclaim all liability for the collection, use, and disclosure of your information by Third-Party Owners or their applications. These parties may track you across different websites and may divulge their findings to us and/or others.‎

You may be required to agree to the terms of service, privacy policies, and other policies that these Third-Party Owners may have. These third-party privacy policies and the actions of Third-Party Owners are not within our control. Before providing any personally identifiable information to a third-party program or dealing with it in any other way, be careful to study any applicable policies and use caution when using these applications. Additionally, we advise you to keep track of when you leave our website, read the privacy policies of any third-party websites, and use caution when visiting them.‎

7. Our Engagement with Advertising Networks

The use of third parties by the Services, including network advertisers and ad exchanges to serve advertisements, as well as third-party analytics and other service providers to assess and provide us and/or third parties with information about how the Services are used, as well as how advertisements and our content are viewed, may be done at our discretion. Network advertisers are independent companies that provide adverts that may be based on your usage of the Services as well as other apps and websites. We can show you adverts for goods and services in which you might be interested thanks to third-party ad serving.

7.1 Network Advertisers Are Permitted to Use Their Own Tracking Technologies

A Device Identifier is used to track certain behavioral Usage Information about users of your Device by third-party ad network and exchange providers, advertisers, sponsors, and/or traffic measurement services. These parties may also set and access their own cookies (including Flash cookies), web beacons, and other Tracking Technologies on your Device.

Among other things, these third-party tracking technologies could be used to:

(i) to facilitate the delivery of ads to you that may be of interest;

(ii) to stop you from seeing the same ads too frequently; and

(iii) to determine whether the advertisements you have received are useful to you.

You understand and accept that related technology may use your device, access it, and set or modify settings as part of the connected processes. Please take note that any images or other content components that third parties provide in conjunction with their advertisements or other content could behave as web beacons, allowing them to perform the aforementioned activities.

7.2 Tracking by third parties is not the responsibility of DreamhealthQuotes 

We have no control over any third-party tracking technologies utilized by network advertisers. The methods used by these third-party advertisers and others to gather information or the use of the information that they obtain are not covered by statements made about our procedures. You may read more about their policies and your options for exercising choice with regard to their tracking technology in the information provided below.

Review the terms of service, privacy policy, permissions, notices, and choices of the applicable third party with regard to their data collecting, storage, and sharing policies.

Regarding the rules or procedures of independent advertisers, advertising networks, exchanges, or other connected third parties, we make no promises.

7.3 Opt-Out of Network Advertising

Additionally, even though we might work with a variety of firms to deliver advertisements on the Service, you might want to visit networkadvertising.org/optout, which offers details about this practice by Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) members and your options for how you want this information to be used by these firms, including NAI members’ “opt-out” processes. Opting out of one or more NAI members does not prevent you from receiving targeted material and/or adverts; it only means that those NAI members will no longer be permitted, under their own rules, to do so, which will affect this and other websites. Additionally, your NAI opt-out may not work or may no longer work if your browsers are set to refuse cookies when you access this opt-out page, you erase your cookies later, use a different Device, or switch web browsers. The above link will take you to the NAI’s website, where more information is available. By going to the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) website at optout.aboutads.info, you can also choose not to receive third-party behavioral ads on this website. The DAA opt-out may be subject to similar restrictions. The efficacy or adherence to any third parties’ opt-out options or programs is not our responsibility.



8.Young People Under the Age of Thirteen (13)

For the acquisition and selling of life policy settlements, we provide the Services to businesses and individuals. Minors, especially those under the age of 13, are not permitted to utilize the Services. According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), parental notification and consent are not necessary because we knowingly do not collect personal information from children under the age of 13. You must leave this site right away if you are under 13 years old because you are not allowed to use the Services.

9. Updating and Correcting Personal Data

We value maintaining the accuracy and relevance of the material. Anyone can access and update their personal information collected by us. If you want to check the accuracy of your personal information, get in touch with us at the number shown below.

If you ask us to erase your Personal Information, please be aware that it might not always be feasible to do so completely or that some of your data might still be present on backup media. If it’s reasonably required for us to comply with legal duties, fulfill regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, maintain security, stop fraud and abuse, or enforce our terms of service, we could keep some of your personal information even after you’ve requested that it be deleted. We retain information that may be required by regulatory authorities.

Before allowing access, making updates, or deleting your Personal Information, we will also take reasonable steps to confirm your identity in order to preserve your privacy and security.

10. At Any Time, You Can Choose not to Receive Marketing Materials.

By following the instructions in our promotional emails, or in some cases by going into your Services account and altering your communication options, you can stop receiving our email marketing messages from us.

If you’ve signed up to get texts from us, you can stop receiving a specific message by replying with the word “STOP.” Different or subsequent subscriptions won’t be impacted. Please be aware that even if you choose not to receive our marketing communications, we reserve the right to send you transactional account messages related to your account or use of our Services, such as administrative and service notices.

11. Security Precautions

To assist preserve and secure your personal information and use data, we try to implement commercially reasonable precautions. However, there is no way to guarantee that information stored electronically or transmitted wirelessly or across mobile networks will be 100% safe. You use our Services and give us your information at your own risk because we are unable to guarantee the security of any information you communicate to us.

13. Queries  

You can get in touch with DreamhealthQuotes if you have inquiries about this privacy policy by sending us an email at legal@dreamhealthquotes.com