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Medicare Advantage plans offer an alternative to Original Medicare and can be advantageous to many. Ask DreamhealthQuotes to assist you in determining whether An Advantage Plan would be a suitable fit for you without any requirement to sign-up.

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Medicare Advantage plan – what is it?

An alternative to Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) is offered through Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Part C is another name for Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans, which are provided by private health insurance providers approved by Medicare. These vendors are legally required to provide at least the same benefits as Original Medicare, but they frequently also include extra coverage like routine vision or dental benefits, prescription drug coverage, or health wellness programs, etc.

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Medicare Advantage Plans Comparison

You should think about the various plan types before enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plans being offered in various states; to make sure you have all the necessary health coverage. Six distinct plan types are offered by Medicare Advantage companies:


  1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  2. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  3. Health Maintenance Organization Point of Service (HMOPOS)
  4. Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS)
  5. Medical Savings Account (MSA)
  6. Special Needs Plan (SNP)


Keep in mind that not all of these plans are accessible everywhere. Additionally, when you have one of the following plans, you’ll require your own primary care physician:


  • Special Needs Plan (SNP)
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Health Maintenance Organization Point of Service (HMOPOS) plan


Only SNPs and HMOs require a referral in order to see a specialist. The only type of insurance plan that requires you to consult an in-network doctor is an HMO.

Medicare Advantage Plans by Offtake Volumes

Medicare Advantage Plans and carriers are the most well-liked across the United States, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. However, popularity is not the most accurate indicator of a Medicare Advantage plan that will meet your needs. DreamhealthQuotes specializes in sourcing the relevant insurance plan for you from an ideal carrier at the right cost.


Plan Type Carrier Enrolled
Local PPO UnitedHealthcare 3,681,616
HMO/HMOPOS UnitedHealthcare 2,901,075
HMO/HMOPOS Humana 2,351,656
Local PPO Aetna Medicare 2,186,576
Local PPO Humana 1,983,357
HMO/HMOPOS Kaiser Permanente 1,670,937
CMS.gov August 2021

Medicare Advantage Plan – Benefits

  • Plans with no monthly premiums and no monthly deductibles might be available in your area
  • There may be prescription medicine coverage available
  • There may be additional benefits offered, including standard vision, hearing, and dental care
  • Memberships to gyms could also be included.


Why Choose a Medicare Advantage plan?

Medicare Advantage plans frequently come with extra benefits, such as affordable dental, vision, hearing, and prescription medication coverage. Medicare Advantage plans, sometimes referred to as Medicare Part C plans, may be able to lower your costs while still ensuring that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. To find out what coverage features are available to you, let DreamhealthQuotes compare Medicare Advantage plans for you, right away. This is a free service for your benefit and ease with no obligations to sign-up for any plans.


What to Take into Account Before Joining a Medicare Advantage Plan

As you get ready to submit an application for a Medicare Advantage plan, keep the following in mind:

  • The majority of Medicare Advantage plans include prescription medication coverage, with the Medical Savings Account (MSA) plan being an exception.


  • Choosing an HMO or PPO with prescription drug coverage is essential since you cannot purchase a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan if you have a Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan.


  • Prescription coverage is a requirement of Special Needs Plans (SNP). If you have a private fee-for-service (PFFS) plan and it doesn’t cover medications, you can add a Medicare Part D coverage to it as a supplement.


  • Medicare Advantage plans come with a wide range of services and varied costs. We can help you better understand the options in your area. Download our Free Medicare Advantage Guide to learn more.

Enrollment in a Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Part B cover

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), which runs from October 15 to December 7, is the ideal time to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan. All Medicare recipients may examine and modify their current coverage at this one time each year. Benefits and prescription drug coverage under the Medicare plans are subject to annual modification, so it is crucial to review your coverage each year.

During the annual Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which runs from January 1 through March 31, those with Medicare Advantage plans also have the option to switch plans once.

Medicare Advantage Plan - Costs

We took you through their advantages, now let’s discuss the costs associated with Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage plans often come with additional benefits despite being extremely reasonably priced. You will still be responsible for paying your Medicare Part B payment if you choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, although many of them have rates as low as zero dollars per month.

It’s crucial that you stick to your network of health providers such as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). If you don’t, your plan might not cover your medical costs or your costs might not be included in your out-of-pocket maximum.

Wish to sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan in your Local Jurisdiction? 

There may be variations in Medicare Advantage plans from county to county and even by zip code. The Medicare Advantage plan you choose will also affect your coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles.

As your advocate, we can guide you through the Medicare Advantage plan choices in your area, explain prices, and respond to your inquiries as you go. To identify and compile a policy that best fits your needs and budget, DreamhealthQuotes personally compares quotes from a number of the most reputable national insurance providers.

Feel free to fill our short contact form with your details including your state and we will send the respective Medicare Advantage plan to you.